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A little bit about Ruth


Ruth graduated from the University of Bath in 2008 with a first class honours degree in Architecture and has since combined working in a busy design practice in the centre of Bath with exploring her own creativity.


Outside her professional life she is a designer, illustrator and writer. She formed Ruth Thorp Studio in 2013 to showcase her work in illustration, surface-pattern design, original paper products, graphics, branding and website design.


‘The Squawks’ is the first book Ruth has published as both writer and illustrator and it developed from the name she gave to a range of bright, whimsical greetings cards she had drawn. She called the funny blue birds on the cards the Squawks, which led to a hilarious evening with her family, who came up with ever more words that rhymed. The joyous silliness made Ruth laugh – not an uncommon occurrence – and she promptly stopped doing all the other urgent projects she had been involved with and spent the next eight months lovingly illustrating and writing her book. The rhyming poem still makes her laugh and she hopes others will too.


Being with her family makes Ruth happy and relaxed; she loves staying at the house she helped create near the coast of Pembrokeshire and books in regularly for parental spoiling and creative inspiration. She never gets tired of walking along Newgale beach.


You can read more about Ruth HERE, look at her PORTFOLIO and follow her on TWITTER


Ruth's second picture book is a collaborative project with her sister Sarah Mahfoudh. Written by Sarah, it is a book for young children about a feisty little girl called Lilly Mae, who lives on a cloud and choose weather according to her mood. Published in February 2015 by Raw Mixture Publishing, you can find out more about Lilly Mae by visiting


Ruth's illustrations have also been published in 'Back to life - Soul manifestos & pieces of joy' written by her father Steve Thorp.


"The Squawks never fail to make me laugh and the invention of new characters and their silly situations keeps me constantly entertained."

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